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Hidden in Colorado mudstone for 150 million years, the prehistoric bones unearthed in 1878 were enormous – the largest dinosaur fossils ever discovered to date. As the Bone Wars raged across the American West, the planet’s long-held secret revealed a massive sauropod spanning more than 190 feet. Amphicoelias fragillimus, nicknamed Max, fended off the fiercest predators with his unimaginable size and a powerful tail proven to unleash at supersonic speed.


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Paleontologist Frank Hadfield builds skeletons for museums around the world, and also discovered the first two feathered dinosaurs in the western hemisphere. Follow Frank and the science team as they reconstruct the world’s first and only full-scale Amphicoelias fragillimus skeleton.

Team member Dr. Darla Zelinitsky is a paleontologist and the world’s leading dinosaur egg expert.


Maximus Truck Convoy

The full-scale skeleton of Maximus has been designed to be mobile for use during premieres screening and as a standalone exhibit for theatres and science centers.  In less than a day, the specimen can be erected and will create significant attention from local, regional and international media outlets. In addition, theatres can request a lobby exhibit that includes full-scale femur, vertebra, fleshed out head and foot along with learning materials suitable for all ages.

Maximus Assembled


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